What Documents Are Needed for an Enhanced Driver`s License Ny


Learn more about advanced, REAL ID and standard documents. An extended license, permit or non-driver ID complies with the Federal REAL ID standard and is accepted to board a domestic flight (in the United States), enter military bases and certain federal facilities. The VDD lists the following documents needed to obtain an actual ID or an enhanced ID: The easiest way to know exactly what documents you need to bring to your appointment is to take the DMV Document Guide quiz. Your documents must be original and unchanged, which means that photocopies and documents with something blackened (including bank statements with blackened account numbers) are unlikely to be accepted. It is also a good idea to bring one or two additional documents in case questions arise. Having additional evidence on hand will be easier than finding time for another DMV trip. REAL ID regulations in New York and other states date back to 2005, when Congress passed the REAL ID Act, which sets minimum standards for licensing and production. This law was a direct response to the Commission`s recommendation of 9/11 that the federal government should set new standards. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the proposal was an attempt to make forms of identification more secure and consistent. In April 2021, DHS reported that only 43% of all state-issued driver`s licenses and IDs are REAL ID compliant. The TSA, the law enforcement agency, has done its part to make U.S. citizens public by updating airport signage and using social media. “From our perspective at the TSA, Real ID offers us another important tool in our security toolbox,” said Lisa Farbstein, a spokeswoman for the TSA.

“It improves the reliability and accuracy of government-issued identity documents and, most importantly, prevents and deters terrorists` ability to evade detection through fraudulent identification.” WHTI is a federal rule that governs the documents that U.S. citizens can use when traveling in the Western Hemisphere. You can learn more about this initiative on the U.S. Customs and Border Control website. Follow this guide to make sure you have the documents and proof of identity you need. To determine the cost of converting a regular driver`s licence or ID card to an extended document, see Early renewal with conversion to an extended document. The New York State DMV says you`ll need the following documents: An EDL is simply another form of REAL ID. When choosing between an EDL and a REAL ID for domestic air transport purposes, Farbstein explains that there is “no difference with the TSA in terms of validity” between the two. The most significant difference between the two documents is that an EDL allows you to cross a U.S. border from Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean countries by land or sea, while a REAL ID does not. However, if you are flying across an international border, you will still need a passport. Due to the pandemic, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has extended the deadline for an Enhanced Driver`s License (EDL) or REAL ID from October 2020 to May 3, 2023.

(More information about these upcoming identification types.) And while 2023 may seem far away, perhaps getting one as soon as possible may be the best bet. Naturally, many New Yorkers remain confused as to why EDLs or REAL IDs are needed in the first place. The following reveals everything. New York State now issues three types of ID cards: Standard, REAL ID and EDL. After the deadline of May 3, 2023, only TRUE IDs and EDLs on domestic flights will be acceptable identification. As a result, your standard licence is no longer an accepted form of identification for boarding a domestic flight. The additional fee for an Extended Driver`s License (EDL) or Extended Non-Driver Identification Card (ENDID) is $30.00. The fee will be added to the other fee for the driver`s license or non-driver identification transaction. The deadline for the full application of REAL ID was initially extended by one year to October 2021, but postponed again in April to 2023 due to complications related to COVID-19.

Given that VDD offices were late, particularly because license renewal deadlines had been postponed, States needed more time to make the change. Which is better, REAL ID or enhanced driver`s license? It`s up to you. Both serve as acceptable identification for a driver`s license, domestic flights, and entry into federal buildings. A real ID costs the same as standard ID, while an enhanced driver`s license costs $30 more. Getting states to comply with the standards of the Real Identification Act took longer than expected, and DHS postponed the timeline for states to implement the changes repeatedly. Now, the final phase of REAL ID will be completed on May 3, 2023. This means that the TSA requires REAL IDENTIFICATION (or another form of compliant identification, such as a passport) for passengers to fly on commercial domestic flights. A regular driver`s licence is no longer a valid piece of identification to board an aircraft after May 3, 2023. Find the documents you need to get a REAL ID or extended license, a real ID will cost $65, the same price as a regular driver`s license or renewal. Meanwhile, EDL costs $95 plus the standard transaction fee. For example, suppose you need to upgrade to one of these documents, but your ID is not ready for renewal.

In this case, you can calculate your early renewal cost by converting it into an extended document on the VDD website. Here`s a basic overview of what you need to show, although it`s always wise to check out the NYS DMV website to confirm it. Keep in mind that some documents, such as a passport, can serve as “proof” for several of the following: An Enhanced New York State Driver`s License (EDL) or an Enhanced Non-Driver Photo ID (ENDID) is available for a NYS resident who is a U.S. citizen. An Extended Driver`s License (EDL) serves as a secure driver`s license, identification document, proof of U.S. citizenship and residency in New York City, as well as a Western Hemisphere travel document in one. The expanded driver`s license has been available to New York State residents since 2008 and also resembles a standard driver`s license. However, an EDL contains a banner that says “Enhanced” and an image of an American flag in the lower right corner. At the moment, yes. But in May 2023, your standard driver`s license or ID card won`t allow you to pass airport security, even if it hasn`t expired yet. But the TSA accepts 15 other types of identification, including a passport. A REAL ID is a government-compliant DMV driver`s license, learning license, or non-driver ID that you must board a domestic flight (in the United States) or a designated federal vessel starting in May 2023, unless you have a valid passport.

For more information about getting a real ID or an enhanced ID, see dmv.ny.gov/driver-license/federal-real-id or dhs.gov/real-id. If you plan to travel in a year, you may need a new and improved driver`s license or a REAL ID. .